Purge & Surge – Get rid of the clutter

Spring has finally arrived showing its pretty head with the gradual increase in temperature, budding trees and colourful spring flowers. Spring also brings out our natural desire to rejuvenate our home after hibernating inside all winter long. Many people have good intention to tackle their clear out projects, but good intentions come to a grinding halt because they don’t know where to begin.

Follow our simple organizing tips and you will be well on your way to reducing clutter and creating more space.


  1. Decide why you want to declutter and write it down so you are focused. Could be you are embarrassed or tired of the mess or perhaps a special guest is coming to stay for a couple of weeks;
  2. Write a list of all the rooms you want to tackle in order of priority, i.e., most urgent first.
    Don’t try and do it all at once;
  3. Set aside time to complete your task, i.e., an entire weekend;
  4. Enlist your partner or a friend – four hands are better than two;
  5. Collect supplies in advance: (a) big plastic bags – black for garbage, blue for recycling and clear for donations, (b) plastic bins for storage, (c) bins for “not sure” items, (d) bins to relocate items to other rooms, (e) file folders for paper and (f) markers, labels and tapes ;
  6. Start with the biggest objects in each room such a dresser or closet then move to the knickknacks and accessories;
  7. Pass on belongings that you haven’t used or worn in a year;
  8. Only keep items that serve a purpose or reflect who you are;
  9. Organise as you go along, group like with like;
  10. Always finish one room before you go on to the next, otherwise you make more clutter and confuse yourself;
  11. Store all off-season clothes in suitcases, clean bins or quality vacuum packs; and
  12. Once all the clutter is gone, create a place for everything that’s left. Having a place for everything eliminates the clutter from building up again.
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